Sporting the losers

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If you're into any sort of sports, I'm sure you've noticed that as soon as a football or baseball game is over, vendors are already selling shirts and sweaters featuring the winning team's logo. It's not magic and they're not printing up the shirts in a van behind the stadium; the manufacturers actually print apparel with both teams listed as the winner. Once one team wins, they bring out the appropriate set of merchandise.

But what happens to the all those pullovers and t-shirts that they don't sell because they sport the football equivalent of "Dewey Defeats Truman"? Well, the New England Patriots' dream of winning the 2008 Superbowl will live on in Romania where clothing declaring the team the winner will go to help poor children stay warm.

The NFL and Reebok have teamed up with World Vision to get the Patriots' items to needy children around the world. Last year, the Chicago Bears' Superbowl memorabilia went to kids in Zambia, Chad, Chile, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, and Romania. "I am glad we could provide these warm clothes," said Mihaela Ciobanu, a World Vision social worker in Romania. "Every support like this comes like a gift from heaven for all these children, I can assure you."

I'm not big on organized sports, but at least something good is coming out of it. Kudos to the NFL and the losing teams for letting their clothing go to a good cause!

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