Airborne doesn't work, refunding money to purchasers

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If you've ever purchased Airborne in hopes that the effervescent bubbles would knock out your cold as promised on the packaging, they owe you some money.

Good Morning America's investigation found that the "double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study" touted by the CEO of the company was actually a two-man operation started up just for the Airborne study. Company literature referred to Airborne as a "miracle cold buster," and a company press release boasted it would "get rid of most colds in 1 hour."

In response to a class action lawsuit, Airborne agreed to a settlement . Consumers seeking refunds for purchases of Airborne can obtain a claim form by writing to the Airborne Class Action Settlement Administrator, PO Box 1897, Faribault, MN 55021-7152, calling 1-888-952-9080, or by visiting

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