Billy Ray Cyrus wants to be Miley's best friend

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I saw Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray on Jay Leno's Tonight Show last week and was kind of surprised. Not by Miley. She came off as a typical, self-assured fifteen-year-old - kind of loud, opinionated and quite full of herself. It was dad Billy Ray who surprised me. He sat apart from her and barely said a word during the interview. When Leno asked him about Miley's eating habits, he kind of shrugged and basically gave the impression that he doesn't know or care what she eats. His relationship with Miley came off as more of a friend than a father.

That's why this article in People didn't really surprise me, but it does concern me a bit. Billy Ray tells Ryan Seacrest that he wants to be "best friends" with his kids. "I wanna be the person [Miley] wants to talk to," he told Seacrest. Miley has a lot of friends, and "I just want to be one of those friends."

When asked about his plan for keeping his celebrity daughter out of trouble, he stresses that it is all about "having a good heart and loving people and knowing that you're here for a reason." I won't argue with that, but what about boundaries? What about not letting your fifteen-year-old wear tons of makeup and dress like a 25-year-old? What about making sure she eats healthy and doesn't get chummy with the likes of Lindsay Lohan?

I like Miley, I really do. And I have high hopes that she will survive her teen years in the spotlight without getting pregnant or ending up in rehab. And we all want our children to talk to us and keep those lines of communication open. But she is a child and can't be expected to get through these years without some parental guidance.

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