Drew Barrymore donates $1M to World Food Program

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I swear I don't watch Oprah every afternoon. I mean, I've only been blogging for Parent Dish for a couple of weeks and here I am mentioning something I saw on her show again, but I swear, I do have a life. It's just that sometimes (especially when the rain won't stop and my two-year-old is sick again), that life includes Oprah.

Today on Oprah's stage sat Drew Barrymore. She wasn't there to promote a new movie, though, but instead to share her experience as an ambassador with the World Food Program. While normally I don't assume that a celebrity who talks about a charity knows what in the world they're talking about, I found myself touched by Barrymore's sincerity and her dedication to the cause (and by the one million dollar check she handed over to the WFP).

Though my husband and I have organizations to which we donate, we haven't gotten our girls involved in giving yet. I'd been considering Kiva, but am now thinking that the WFP may be a good place for them to direct their donations as well. If you're interested in making your own gift, simply visit their website and look for the red cup.


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