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Although Ellie is 7-years-old and can read on her own, she still likes to be read to. Every night before bed, my husband or I will snuggle up in bed with her and read a story, just like we've been doing since she was tiny. I enjoy spending this quiet time with her and plan to keep doing it as long as she will let me. But Ellie is also at the age where she likes to spend more time alone in her room before bed. She sometimes prefers to read to herself, draw pictures or do some math in her workbook.

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation has a really neat Web site that might come in handy on those evenings when Ellie wants some time alone, but still wants to be read to. Storyline Online features popular kids' books read by professional actors with optional text at the bottom so readers can follow along. The stories are well-read with video of the reader interspersed with close-ups the book's illustrations. Each story has a 'related activities' tab with story-specific questions and activity ideas, such as "retell this story in your own words" or "recreate the story with movement without words."

Besides bedtime, I can see this Web site as a great alternative to television when the kids need some parent-free entertainment.

Storyline Online Books(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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