Study shows college students abusing prescription drugs

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A study recently published in the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine reports that as many as one fifth of college students are abusing painkillers and prescription drugs to get high. Also according to the report, students who take such substances for non-prescriptive reasons are five times more likely to have a drug abuse problem.

Researchers at Michigan University surveyed over 3600 U.S. college students with an average age of just under twenty. According to the results, students felt that prescription drugs were safer than street drugs. Plus, they're much easier to get a hold of.

Students were polled as to whether they'd ever taken opioids, stimulants, sleeping pills and non-anxiety pills. About 60% polled replied they'd taken such medication from a prescription and about 20% said they'd taken such medication for other reasons. Students were also asked a range of questions about getting drugs illegally, feeling guilty, etc. Anyone who answered yes to three or more questions was considered to have a drug problem.

According to Sean Clarkin of Partnership For a Drug Free-America, prescription drug abuse is on the rise among teens and is perceived as very low risk (when, in fact, it is not!).

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