J Lo's babies: already living lifestyles of the rich and famous?

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On the one hand, reports that Jennifer Lopez hired a "color therapist" to paint her new babies nursery in a color said to have intelligence boosting properties (aquamarine and light blue, if you'd like to try it yourself), and has purchased diamond-studded rattles and Shetland ponies for her newborns seem a bit far fetched.

However, looking back at J Lo's baby registry and princess-like backstage requirements for a 90 minute contribution to a charity concert give the tales of extravagant 600 count Egyptian cotton cot linen crib sheets that will be pooped, peed, and barfed on every night an air of believability.

Sources also say that gifts and flowers for the babes and kept far from the sterile nursery and that visitors are asked to wear hospital gowns and face masks. Now, if I had gobs of money, that's would have been where I'd have spent it! The only thing more miserable than taking care of a newborn when sick is if the baby is ill.

Jennifer Lopez Baby Registry(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Moses basketCashmere outfitDouble StrollerSuede play matTeddy bear

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