Jenny McCarthy: Diet affects autism

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Actress Jenny McCarthy believes that diet and vitamins can help ease the symptoms of autism. She's calling on doctors and others in the medical community nation wide to listen to her.

Jenny's five-year-old son Evan is autistic and she travels around the country telling others how diet and vitamins can be used to treat the disorder. Says the actress, "Autism isn't covered by insurance." She feels that if natural medicine is getting positive results the medical community should support it.

This is the first time I've heard of using non-traditional methods (non-Western, anyway) to treat autism. I guess that is sort of Jenny's point. As the mother of an autistic child I'm sure she tried a lot of alternatives to the prescribed way of doing things--and it looks like, for her son, diet and vitamins are making a difference.

Have you ever heard of these things being used to "treat" autism? Can it be treated at all? I must admit I know very little about the disorder but am interested to hear has helped other families.

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