Too much folic acid?

I'm sure I could research this 'til the cows come home, but I have a question for the sages of the Internet. I know a gal is supposed to take folic acid every day when (and before) they're pregnant, but is it possible to take too much?

Folic acid is recommended for pregnant women or women who plan on becoming pregnant to help with spinal and brain development. Although many foods contain folic acid pregnant women are generally prescribed prenatal vitamins containing a good amount of folic acid to take in addition to a healthy diet.

For a while I was taking folic acid supplements, a one a day. Then, when I got pregnant, I got a prescription for prenatals which I started taking right away. I sort of forgot one day and took both. I would assume, and, really, it's more like hope, that I didn't get too much folic acid. Getting too much of certain vitamins and minerals can be harmful, while others, as I understand it, you just tinkle out if they're in excess.

So, any thoughts on this? I'm sure the web knows all, but thought I'd springboard that idea off you guys first to see what you think.

Pic of vitamins by DRB62.

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