Courteney Cox's daughter has a potty mouth

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I've noticed lately that Ellie has taken a phrase that I say often and made it her own. I actually didn't realize I was beginning many sentences with "I'm guessing" until she started doing it. As in, "I'm guessing you aren't going to let me have ice cream for breakfast." Or, "I'm guessing I can't wear flip-flops to school today."

Fortunately, I don't say what I consider to be 'bad words' in front her. It's not that I never use questionable language - I do. But I must have some internal switch that turns them off when she's around because I can't recall a single time I have slipped and said something I didn't mean to in front her. Well, except that one time when I wrecked my car.

I'm guessing (ha ha) that either Courteney Cox or her husband David Arquette has a faulty internal cuss-word switch. According to sources close to the Dirt star, Cox's three year old daughter Coco has picked up some no-no words and isn't afraid to use them. "She's only 3, but Coco's somehow learned to cuss like a sailor," says the source. "Coco thinks it's funny and goes right on swearing. Courtney's just hoping she'll outgrow it."

She may not outgrow it. Some of us never do. And it won't be all that cute or funny when she starts cussing at her teacher and expanding the vocabulary of her classmates.

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