FLU: The sequel

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I've been (noticeably?) absent on ParentDish for the past couple of weeks, thanks to a particularly nasty bug that cycled through everyone in this household. But wait! It didn't stop there, NO! It took out my parents, my sister and anyone else I regularly call to play with/watch my kids while I take an hour or two to write.

Great. Then my husband got it. Which is the worst. Because he never gets sick. But when he does, watch out. So I ended up taking care of three sick babies and keeping my own illness just slightly at bay. Do you do that too? It's not like moms -- especially those of us who are still dealing with babies -- ever get a sick day. So you fight through it so that you can tend to everyone else's needs. (Including 35-year-old men who suddenly think they can get away with sleeping for 14 hours straight!)

By last weekend, we were all feeling a bit better. And then it came back! The aftershocks I guess. Round 2. And today I find myself blowing my nose with one hand, while I wipe theirs with the other. Ugh. Will this ever end? Really, no family should have to spend so much time together indoors unless they are on vacation. They are making me NUTS!

What's worse is that I'm breastfeeding and must avoid my go-to Advil Cold and Sinus. So it's hot lemon and honey for me. Which means I have to wash my hands every time I make a cup, because I'm totally paranoid that Baby Who Must Suck My Fingers ALL DAY might get botulism off my sticky hands. Good Lord I'm going crazy. When will this winter end?

What about you? How are you dealing with cold and flu season? Getting any rest? Getting cabin fever yet?

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