Girls Rock, the movie

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This past Christmas, we bought Ellie a kid-sized drum set. Besides the fact the she loves music, we felt that the opportunity to bang away and make some noise would be a good way for her to release the emotions she tends to bottle up. I was surprised to discover that while she was happy about the drum set, she also a little afraid of it. She sometimes pretends to play without actually hitting anything, as if she is unsure of herself and afraid to really let go.

That's why this trailer for the movie Girls Rock really caught my attention. The documentary follows four girls ages seven to fifteen attending the 2005 Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls. The camp, founded seven years ago in Portland, Oregon, was started to help girls build self-esteem through music, creation and performance. Former Camp Assistant Director Jen Agosta says the point is to let girls know "it is 100% ok to be exactly who you are."

In a world where girls are "sexualized, analyzed and pressured to conform", the camp offers a respite and an opportunity for self-discovery. The film tells the girls' stories through video diaries, interviews and issue-driven animations and promises to transform filmgoers right along with the girls. The climax of the film is a concert in front of 700 people!

The film is currently being screened in a limited number of cities, but the Web site features a page where you can request a showing in your area. What's more, the Camp itself has grown since its inception and is now offered in eight other cities. The film sounds amazing and I think the camp would be a wonderful and empowering experience for a girl.


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