How often to bathe kids?

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One of the things I love about ParentDish is the questions that sometimes arise from the discussions that go on in the comments. Take, for example, the comments regarding a recent post I did about showering the kids. Just how often do kids need to be bathed? Opinions seem to range from daily to weekly, with no clear consensus on the matter.

We generally shower the kids three times a week -- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings or the night before. Jared sweats when he sleeps, so he really needs it. Sara is still in pull-ups at night, so she sometimes wakes up smelling of urine. We can't send the kids to school smelling; it's considered neglect and, of course, teachers are mandated reporters.

We settled on thrice a week as being a good compromise between not being over-zealous and not letting them run around all filthy and stinky. We are, however, by no means set on this schedule. If I thought I could get away with doing it less often, I would -- I'm lazy like that. I'd have to convince Rachel, however, and that wouldn't be easy.

So, how often do you bathe your kids? Is there such a thing as too often? I know there is definitely "not often enough", but how infrequent is that? Mostly, I'm wondering about the post-pull-up stage, but I'd be interested in hearing thoughts on all ages.

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