Lisa Marie Presley pregnant

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Lisa Marie Presley's rep confirmed to PEOPLE magazine that Elvis' beloved baby girl is expecting a baby of her own in the fall.

The baby will be the 40 year-old singer's first child with 4th husband Michael Lockwood. The couple were married in a traditional Japanese ceremony in Kyoto, Japan on Jan. 22 in 2006.

Presley's prior spouses include Danny Keough, singer Michael Jackson, and actor Nicholas Cage. She has two children, daughter Riley, 18, and son Benjamin, 15, with Keough.

If I were to remarry, I would think it would be with the understanding that I don't require any more kids to complete the relationship. But I'd be coming in with four kids already and if he never had kids and really wanted to experience the new baby stuff, I'd probably cave because baby heads just smell so delicious. We'd have to go the surrogate or adoption route though, because my baby baking days are over no matter how how much I liked the guy.

Would you have more kids with a future spouse? Would the ages of your existing kids play a role in your decision?

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Lisa Marie & Michael Lockwood

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