Madonna is turning 50

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, one of the signs of the apocalypse is surely upon us very, very soon. Madonna Louise Ciccone, aka the Material Mom, Madge and Her Madgesty, is turning 50 this year. World watch out.

When I was a little girl I remember Madonna being interviewed by, I guess, it was somebody on Soul Train or Dance Nation or whatever when she said she wanted to rule the world. And then, sort of, she did. Not only is she one of the top grossing female singers of all time, she's an actor (dispute over whether she's a good one is moot), a producer and a mommy three times over. She also finds time in her busy schedule to be a fitness freak.

The thing about Madonna is, none of it looks easy. She's not one of those celebrities who make everything seem so easy and simple. It looks, to me anyway, like Madge has worked hard for everything she's achieved. She's also responsible for being one of the women who turned 50 into the new 40, whatever that means.

We still have a few months before the Material Girl (Mom) hits the big Hawaii 5-0 but I have a feeling Madonna is--and has been--thinking about mid-August for a while now. Probably ever since she hit 40. So, congrats, Madge, even if well in advance.

And, just to remind you--this woman is FIFTY. Fifty never looked so good!!!

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