Rethinking date night

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The daily grind of caring for two children is starting to wear on my husband and me, and we've decided it's time for a date night. We're lucky that the first one will come this weekend, with my parents in charge of the kids. I think we've decided on a movie and dinner, though I'm a little afraid we might snore in the theater. Oh well, eight bucks is a small price to pay for a dark quiet room at this point.

We've talked about making date night a part of our regular routine. So much of our time is spent working and caring for the kids that we sometimes end up having only those conversations necessary to keep the family machine running. Time alone, even a few hours every week, would go a long way to keeping us connected as a couple.

However, I've started thinking that we need to expand our idea of what that time should include. Dinner and a movie is about as standard as you can get. There are plenty of other ways we used to hang out together that don't fit neatly into the idea of a "date," or even into the timeframe of "night." Playing tennis. Canoeing. Hiking. All things that are a pleasure to do just the two of us but either impossible or miserable to try to do with two young children in tow.

Now I'm thinking that hiring a babysitter for some weekend mornings, instead of just evenings, might give us the opportunity to really have some fun together. We'd be fresh, and we'd likely return from our time alone ready to give more completely to our children.

What's your routine for connecting with your spouse or partner? How do you make it happen?

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