Thieves want Frances Bean's money

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Someone--or several someone's--using the late Kurt Cobain's social security number have bought a house in New Brunswick, New Jersey, among other things. Courtney Love, aka the Widow Cobain, and mother of Frances Bean Cobain, claims as many as 188 fraudulent credit cards have also been set up in his name using his SSN.

Courtney sites the trouble began when she went bonkers in 2003. She quipped, however, that if indeed it was Kurt that bought that house in Jersey he'd do best to get himself back home. She also commented, rather than making it all about her, that it was horrible that such people would take money from a child--her child, in fact. Quotes Courtney, "taking a child's money and future is a really horrible thing."

Courtney has faced both legal and money problems before. This could be a play on her part to win some sympathy after some of her recent antics. Oh, who am I kidding--she's all about antics; that's why we love her. Well, regardless of how one feels about her, she's on to the frauders. Do NOT mess with a woman's child. Especially steer clear of this if the woman in question is Courtney Love.


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