Tori Spelling book excerpt: modern day poor little rich girl

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An excerpt from Tori Spelling's book sTori Telling is available at ABC News has some lessons that all parents can learn from.

Tori's father, Aaron Spelling's success as a television producer translated into vast riches, a palatial estate, and money to burn.

However, looking back, Tori doesn't remember things like the entire USC marching band playing at one of her of the over-the-top birthday parties (she had to be reminded about that by her aunt) or look back fondly on the elaborate costumes her mother had made for her for Halloween (all she remembers is the Marie Antoinette wig gave her a headache and the heels made it impossible for her to run away from kids throwing eggs). When Tori goes back to fun childhood moments, she remembers the fun of finding shells in the sand with her mother, earning her allowance by helping her father scoop dog poop from the yard, and making up stories sitting in the jacuzzi with her dad.

There seems to be a trickle-down effect lately that ordinary people feel they have the elaborate birthday or sweet sixteen celebrations or weddings for their kids on a celebrity level with fireworks and ponies and marching bands for it to be a special event.

It's interesting to hear from a grown celebrity kid who had that sort of lifestyle that what was really special and memorable was not the stuff or the pagentry, but the time spent with her parents even if that meant cleaning up dog poo.

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