Lisa Marie Presley suing over weight, pregnancy outing

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Lisa Marie Presley is mad. Suing mad. Pregnant suing mad. The target of her rage is a tabloid magazine who called her out on her weight, forcing Lisa Marie to reveal her pregnancy.

The magazine went as far as comparing her to her late father, the great Elvis Presley, whose own weight ballooned before he infamously passed away. Lisa Marie's spokeswoman (how is this different than a publicist?) agreed the stories had gone too far, especially those concerning her late father and her relationship with her mother, Priscilla Presley. Claims were made Lisa Marie and her mother were fighting over her weight.

The fallout from this is that Lisa Marie felt forced to reveal that she was not, in fact, "fat" but that she was pregnant. I feel awful for her, really. Other celebrity moms seem to have been able to fend off the press--Angelina Jolie, JLo and Christina Aguilera come to mind.

Clearly the press picked the wrong pregnant celeb to pick a fight with. This one is suing. Depending on the outcome, others may follow. After all, a woman's pregnancy--and the ability to keep it to herself--is her right. Once she has the baby, however, then she's going to have to say SOMETHING. )

Pic of Lisa Marie and Priscilla by tbertor1.

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