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No, not THAT kind of chick.

If the cute, fuzzy little yellow kind are more your type than petite brunettes, a farm in South Carolina has a deal for local families. For twenty bucks, you can rent a pair of baby chicks for two weeks, including a supply of food. After your family has enjoyed them, the chicks return to the farm where they join the rest of the flock. The circle of life -- from baby chickens to omelettes! -- becomes complete when you cash in the coupon for eggs laid by your now grown-up chickens later in the year.

Too many baby animals are given as pets at Easter, only to lose their charm after a few weeks. While this deal is only available to those in the area, you might look into the idea of renting bunnies or chicks in your region.

Either that, or stick to baby chicks made of marshmallow. Whatever works.


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