Boys hit by a car now racing cars

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David Eustace and his friend Jonathan Schores seem like most other preteen boys, until you notice their limps. Both sustained disabling leg injuries after being hit by a car, and now both race go carts for fun.

Their cars have been outfitted with a modified brake pedal and have a hand-controlled throttle. These controls allow the boys to race on an even playing field with other kids their age. And while my idea of go carts smacks of a Disney-themed amusement ride, don't be fooled: these boys can get up to 30-35 mph and have been known to cut off competitors and spin off the track.

Both the boys and their parents say that racing has helped them move past the accident, but the parents admit that it's a little scary to see them zooming by on the track.

"It scares us sometimes," Paul Eustace, David's father, confesses.

"But it doesn't scare me," says David. "I like that they go fast."

And if that doesn't show just how normal racing is for these two, I don't know what does.

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