Women caught on nanny cam arrested

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When I watched this video last night, it gave me the chills. Though the babies aren't technically being "harmed", the general lack of empathy and concern coming from this nanny turned me cold. It's hard to see in the first shot, but that's a baby she has tucked under her arm like package.

Yesterday, MSNBC reported that the nanny in question was charged with child abuse. Though the children were unharmed, after viewing the entirety of the video the mother had recorded, they decided that her "cumulative" actions warranted the charge.

I think that the vast majority of nannies are likely caring and well-qualified, and that this situation gives nannies a bad name. It is, however, exactly why nanny cams were invented. Would you use a nanny cam? If so, do you tell your child care worker that it's turned on?

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