Cute cardboard kitchen and laundry toys

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I spent the entire day today cleaning what had become two impossibly messy bedrooms. We donated several bags of toys, and I have high hopes those toys will get plenty of use before they end up in a landfill. But even though we never completely trash a toy they no longer use, it still feels wasteful to me.

Maybe that's why I like this set of cardboard washing machine and stove so much. I mean, we always say that kids love boxes more than the toy that came in it, right? These are so simple and appealing, and I know my kids would go ga-ga over them. They can even be drawn on and colored.

When my children finally tired of them, we could pass them on to the next family. Or, if they were just too beat up, we could fold them up and put them in the recycling bin. The only drawback is the price. At nearly $40, it's a lot to pay for a cardboard box, no matter how cute.


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