Sally Kern's gay son

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A while back, the Ali Forney Center ran an ad campaign in New York aimed at encouraging parents not to stop loving their children just because they might be gay. Well, it seems to me that those posters might have been more in need in Oklahoma where Representative Sally Kern was recently caught ranting about gays, including making the claim that homosexuals are more of a threat to the United States than are terrorists and Islam.

The thing is, speculation is running wild about a recent change made to Mrs. Kern's official web page -- the mention of her two adult sons was removed. The theory that seems to fit the facts is that Jesse, one of her two sons, is in fact gay. Further, the rumour is that Mrs. Kern has actually disowned her son because of it.

I regularly tell Jared and Sara that no matter what, I will always love them. I may not always like the things they do, especially when they do naughty things, but I will always love them. I guess, if the rumour is true, Representative Kern doesn't feel the same way.

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