Stick to chocolate bunnies this Easter

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Though it might be tempting to surprise your little one with a fluffy baby rabbit this Easter, animal experts say that, in most cases, a chocolate bunny is probably the better choice.

That's because, though baby rabbits may be tiny and cute, rabbits are at least as much work (if not more) than a dog or cat. A few facts about rabbits:
  • They have cages that must be cleaned.
  • They need at least two hours each day of social time, out of their cage.
  • They like to chew, and you'll need to "bunny-proof" your home.
  • They don't like to be picked up.
  • They must be spayed or neutered, both for health and social reasons.
If you're looking for a pet and you've done your research, rabbits are a great choice, say experts. But if you're just looking to surprise your kid on Easter Day, go for the candy kind instead.

(P.S. Live chicks aren't a good idea either, unless you have a chicken coop in your backyard!)

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