Recycle your Crocs at SolesUnited

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It's an issue that has divided families, pitted friend against friend, and brought conflict down on even the most peaceful of homes: Are Crocs legitimate footwear or not?

Whether or not you or your kids wear Crocs, you've got to admit they are inventive. Originally designed with non-slip soles to be used for outdoor activities like boating or gardening, Crocs are now a widespread phenomenon.

Now all of you Croc-lovers out there can feel good about your footwear choice, even when others try to tell you your shoes are ugly. That's because of a new group called SolesUnited. When your Crocs wear out, send them to SolesUnited. They'll recycle them and create new shoes that are donated to humanitarian organizations around the world.

SolesUnited have donated a million pairs of shoes so fair, and have a goal of two million shoes donated this year. You know that Crocs make your feet feel good, now your heart can feel good too.

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