Should UK couple be allowed to choose a deaf embryo?

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A deaf couple in the UK are making headlines with their request to choose a "deaf" embryo, should they go through with IVF. The couple currently have one child who is hearing impaired. Because of maternal age, they'd likely turn to IVF to conceive another child, and it's there where the situation gets sticky.

Fertility legislation in the UK will soon make it impossible for parents to choose an embryo with a known genetic abnormality over an embryo without one. That means that should this couple produce embryos with and without deafness, they'll be forced by the government to choose a "hearing" embryo, whether they want to or not.

A segment of the deaf community see deafness not as a disability, but as a physical characteristic. The UK couple argues that in their community, a hearing child would be seen as disabled and would have trouble communicating with family and friends.

This issue is rife with complicated questions. What do you think?

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