Baby in India born with two faces

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You probably remember the recent story of the a two-year-old Indian girl who had eight limbs. Many of her fellow villagers believed she was a reincarnated god. The child recently had a successful surgery to have the extra limbs removed. Her parents, who are casual laborers, had to keep her in hiding to protect her from those who wanted to profit from her condition.

Now another baby is causing a stir in her Indian village. The baby was born with two faces. Again, many in her community believe she is the reincarnation of a god. They are celebrating with music, bringing the child gifts, and asking for her blessings. The baby is healthy right now, and her parents are hoping for help from the government in treating future health issues.

Dr. Manny from Fox News explains how a child can be born with two faces, or eight limbs for that matter. These children are severe cases of conjoined twins, or identical twins who never fully separated in the womb.


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