Father wants school refund

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Many people think that shelling out the money for a private school instead of sending their kids to public school means they'll get a better education and end up better off. Of course, that's not always the case. For one father in Australia, whose twins spent years at a fancy boys' school, it's definitely not the case. In fact, he's demanding a refund.

Steven Weybury spent close to $400,000AUD on his boys' education and now wants his money back. According to court documents, "the boys did not successfully complete year 12 in any respect." Further, the documents claim that "the lack of achievement of the boys in all areas considered important . . . confirms that the payment of fees were (sic) excessive and unnecessary."

The school, on the other hand, claims that the boys were given extra classes and even speech therapy during their years at the school. The school says that the boys completed their Victorian Certificate of Education, a challenging secondary education program and requisite for entry into many universities, and were offered placements in tertiary programs. The father countered, saying that "the boys obtained placements in courses of a type which did not require year 12 attendance."

I don't know who's right in this but I'd be willing to bet there's enough blame to go around -- for the father, the school, and the boys. If a school wasn't working for my kids, I don't think I'd leave them there for more than a dozen years, no matter how good the school was supposed to be.

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