Nicole Richie desiging maternity clothes?

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Both Perez Hilton and I think this is a crock, but he's posting about it anyway, so I'm throwing my two cents in as well. Nicole Richie is purportedly (at least according to the LA Times, although I couldn't find the article) interested in designing a line of maternity clothes.

Well, I for one hope it's true! Look, let's get serious here for a minute. We've all been there and we know maternity clothes suck. That's right--they suck. No matter how expensive they are or where we get them, even when we try to select items appropriate for the office, we come off looking like something only Roal Dahl could dream up.

Nicole Richie, to me anyway, has a sense of style if nothing else. And she's been pregnant too. Perhaps she was also fed up with looking craptacular when with child. Pregnant women should look glorious and be supremely comfortable at all times, whether at the Oscars or the office. Perhaps Ms. Richie could find the time to merge those two worlds.

I don't know if I'd be able to afford anything she offered, but I would at least be interested to spy what she designed. So, uhm, Nicole, even if you weren't thinking of getting into the maternity clothes business, maybe you should???


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