Sports for kids who aren't good at sports

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I joined the tennis team as a freshman in high school and was the worst on the team. I love tennis, I think it's a blast. But I'm seriously no good at it. After that year, I never again tried to join a team sport because the risk of humiliation was just too great. As an adult, I find that I prefer solo workouts like walking or jogging with my mp3 player or vigorous gardening in my backyard. No wonder team sports never worked out for me. (Though I still really do like tennis.)

The social minefield of high school can make it tough for kids to stay physically active. Though there are a few solo sports out there -- cross-country, for example -- most school sports mean putting your skills or lack of them on display. If a teen is overweight, shy, or just not that coordinated (like me), school sports may seem too intimidating. But physical activity is important for everyone, not just those who excel at it.

Diet-Blog has an excellent list of activities for kids who are reluctant to exercise or who aren't ready to try out for a team sport. There's no rule that says exercise has to be competitive or organized, it just has to get you up off the couch. What kinds of workouts do your kids enjoy?

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