Student sues after being awakened in class

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I may be ridiculously young to be a grandmother, but I do have at least one grandmotherly trait: I watch television with the volume turned way up. All those years of listening to loud music as a teen have resulted in some pretty significant hearing loss. It took a lifetime for me to get to this point, but according to 15-year-old Vinicios Robacher's attorney, the same thing can be accomplished in one fell swoop.

Make that one slammed hand. Alan Barry says his client was sleeping in class when his teacher woke him up in a most unpleasant manner. Barry says Robacher suffered pain and "very severe injuries to his left eardrum" when teacher Melissa Nadeau slammed her hand down on the desk next to the sleeping boy's ear.

The attorney is involved because Robacher is suing the city of Danbury, Connecticut. The article doesn't say exactly what compensation he is looking for, but city officials have referred the matter to their insurance company. I think I hear the sound of insurance rates going up.

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