Six-year-old saves grandmother

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At six years old, Macey McCann Widmier wants to be a teacher -- a noble, if not lucrative goal. Sure, that might change by the time she gets to college, but I'm betting she'll do something that involves helping others. She's already gotten some practical experience in that arena. When her grandmother stopped breathing, the girl calmly called 911 and saved her life.

"She's coughing and she can't breathe," she told the dispatcher. Despite being mistaken for a boy and being called Nathan, she was able to follow directions and provide information to the emergency services operator, including her grandmother's apartment number. While waiting for someone to arrive, and still on the line with emergency services, Macey told her grandmother "they're getting some help, OK."

Macey's mom had taught her to call 911 in an emergency, but never thought she'd ever actually have to make such a call. She did, however, and her grandmother is alive because of it. I'd say that's a lesson well learned.

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