The reunion versus the trains

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Next Sunday, the kids' swim school is closed. After class yesterday, Rachel and I were talking about taking the opportunity to head up to Sacramento on Saturday after Acrosports, go to the Railroad museum, and stay overnight. The kids would absolutely love it and it would make a nice mini-vacation for us as well.

Then I got home and found an e-mail from a former boss saying she was organizing a reunion. It was a small software company and very close-knit. It might be a cliche, but we were all very much like family. So when is this gathering? Next Saturday night, of course. Right when we were planning to go to Sacramento.

It's been more than three years since I've seen any of these folks and I would very much like to get together with them again. (I'm trying hard, however, not to be swayed by the fact that my boss's husband, a master chef, will be cooking.) On the other hand, the kids and their happiness are always my first priority. On yet another hand, the train museum isn't going anywhere.

So now I'm torn. Do Rachel and I get a babysitter and go hang out with my old crew? Or do we decline and take the kids to the train museum? What would you do?

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