Birthday girl gets a man

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Even though she was only turning seven years old, young Amber Birdsall wanted just one thing for her birthday -- a man. Of course, it wasn't just any man she was after, it was her stepfather, a United States Army soldier stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The problem was, well, that he was stationed in Cuba while she was at home in Michigan.

Nonetheless, when Amber told her mom what she wanted, her mom told her stepdad and he got started on the paperwork. When the big day came, Amber and her nine-year-old sister Kathy, unwrapped a huge refrigerator box which they assumed contained a pair of bicycles. Not so -- inside was their dad, home on leave.

Her parents hadn't expected the time off to be approved since he was scheduled to come home for good in June. When he arrived in Michigan, he went straight to the bowling alley where Amber's birthday party was being held. There, employees kept him hidden until it was time for the big unveiling. Afterwards, Amber, who hadn't seen her dad in nearly a year, told a local newspaper that "this is way better than bikes." I would have to agree. Happy birthday Amber!


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