Games that make kids cry

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Recently, we attended a birthday party of a little boy who turned eight years old. It was held in a clubhouse at a neighborhood playground and the boy's parents had planned a few games, including musical chairs. That didn't go over so well. The problem with musical chairs is that the focus, really, is on getting kids "out". It's really a rather negative game.

Well, The first kid out started to cry, as did the next, and the next, and then Jared and pretty soon a whole bunch of kids were crying, including the birthday boy who wasn't out, but was upset because all his friends were crying. Well, we got through it, but Rachel and I resolved that we wouldn't be playing musical chairs at Jared's or Sara's birthday parties.

I'm not a big fan of competitive games anyway. My idea was to have all the kids sit in a circle and toss a balloon or beach ball up in the air and see how long everyone can keep it up in the air. That way, they all work together towards a common goal which is not really a win/lose sort of thing but more of a keep-it-going type game. Everyone works as a team and if the ball hits the ground, everyone has a laugh and they all try again.

I don't think one game will be enough, though, so I'm hoping someone will have suggestions for more games that don't involve winners and losers -- I don't want anyone at Jared's or Sara's parties to feel like a loser. So, anyone have any suggestions? What games have you played at your kids' birthday parties?

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