It really is the thought that counts

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My friend gave birth a few days ago and yesterday, I went over to meet the new arrival. She's all pink and pretty and just beautiful. Wrapped up tight in a soft blanket with just her little, round head poking out, she reminded me of a glo-worm toy that Ellie used to have.

Ellie got to see the baby, too. This was her first look at a newborn and her reaction was pretty much what I expected. She declared her to be cute and decided she needed to give her a gift. I was thinking blankets or clothes, but Ellie has other ideas. She insists that the perfect gift is a ratty old pair of her shoes. Not just any shoes, mind you. Her beloved Disney Princess flip flops that she wore pretty much non-stop when she was three years old. (The fact that we still have these shoes is a another post altogether.)

I tried to discourage this gift with reasonable explanations of why they might not be totally appropriate. I suggested we go to the store and purchase something new, but she wouldn't hear of it.

When I warned my friend that her little girl would soon be receiving a pair of dirty, old shoes, she just laughed and pulled out a wooden tongue depressor with a smiley face drawn on it. A baby gift from another neighbor child. She says she also received a broken pair of earmuffs from the little girl two doors down.

I get the whole shoe thing now. What could be more special than a gift chosen from a kid's own personal collection of treasures? Did you receive any unusual baby gifts from the thoughtful children in your life?

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