Paying for someone else to do the dirty work

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One of the best investments I make on a monthly basis is for a cleaning service, who comes every two weeks and attacks my home from top to bottom. Now, that doesn't made a big difference in the day-to-day maintenance -- the laundry, the picking up, the dishes, the childrens' detritus, the dog hair, my husband's EFFING clodhopper shoes which have never seen the inside of a closet but rather are constantly strewn in trip-worthy locations around the house --but it does mean I don't have to spend big blocks of time doing deep cleaning. The toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and appliances all stay relatively biohazard-free, thanks to the cleaning people. I am especially thankful for the fact that they mop the floors in our whole house (thus ridding our hardwoods of the accumulated dogprints), which is something I would probably do approximately never on my own.

If I could afford to have them come every week, I totally would, because not only do they get everything squeaky clean, but they also perform amazing domestic tricks. How do they get my toddler's bed made so perfectly that you could bounce a quarter off its surface? How do they make my toaster shine like a mirror? How do they make the inside of the kitchen sink look like something you wouldn't mind taking a bath in? These are admirable skills, and ones I never learned.

I feel like I spend time cleaning up every day, but never make any actual progress -- it all has to be done over again hours or even minutes later. Having someone come in and take over a couple times a month is a wonderful treat, in my opinion, and I suppose I could save the money and do it myself but this one falls under the Hair Maintenance category for me: if someone else can do it better, and I would enjoy having them do so, why not pay for it if the budget can stretch that far?

How about you, do you outsource any of your household tasks?

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