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Beloved Internet site PopSugar has rolled out a new online "game" of sorts--what is the most popular name? The latest contest is boy's names, and the two top names battling it out are Gabriel and Lucas.

Normally I would not play these online games or even give them my attention, but, to be honest, we're having trouble in the name department the second time around. Thus, I took a look. I didn't make a choice, but I did consider whether I liked either name well enough to choose it for my unborn child. Of course she could be a girl.

If you're in the market for a name, or, heck, even if you just want to see how your kids' names stack up in the popularity contest, you might want to take a gander. I'm inclined to choose less popular names, myself, but I also don't want anything too far out either. So this contest and other sites that let you vote on a name can be helpful tools in seeing what's out there.

If you want some real online fun, check out babynames.com. Now that is a fun site. Voting is available there too, along with cool baby names and celebrity names--both those of their kids and their actual names. Fun!

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