Put a boo-boo bunny in your basket

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If you're tired of stuffed animals but want a cute bunny included in your Easter basket, a boo-boo bunny may be the ticket. They're adorable, functional, and easy to make with supplies you probably have on hand.

This tutorial gives more complete instructions, but the gist of it is this: Take a washcloth. Fold it in half to form a triangle, then roll it up. Fold it into the bunny shape, secure with a ribbon, and add a pom-pom nose and tail as well as some eyes. (The tutorial uses googley eyes, but I'd be a little concerned about the choking hazard. You could use fabric paint or a Sharpie to draw some on instead.)

The next time your little one gets a bump, grab your bunny! Tuck in an ice cube -- hint: a plastic freezable ice cube will avoid a wet mess -- and apply along with kisses. My guess is that the boo-boo will be feeling better faster than you can say "jackrabbit."

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