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Okay, so you've got the kids' menus with the puzzles and coloring pages on the back. You've got plenty of crayons in little boxes. You've got little cups with colorful pictures on them and a whole storeroom full of milk. You've got french fries and chicken nuggets and skabetty and lots of sprinkles to go on the ice cream. You've even got those fold-up changing tables in the men's bathroom. Think that makes you family friendly?

Not entirely. There's one more thing most restaurants (heck, businesses in general) forget that would make them a lot nicer for kids. So here's my tip for all you businessfolk out there. Run down to Ikea or Target or just about anywhere and pick up a couple of cheap plastic stools. The one pictured here sells for $3 at Ikea; I'm sure you can find similar ones just about anywhere.

Put at least one in each bathroom near the sink. You see, I'm not expecting you to remodel your bathroom to lower one of the sinks. I'd just like to have something there the kids could stand on so they can reach the sink to wash their hands. As it is, I have to lift them up and hold them over the sink so they can reach. And my kids aren't light. So please, just pick up a couple of cheap step stools and toss 'em under the sink in the bathroom. My back will thank you.

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