R-rated silly straws causing a stir

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I didn't sleep well last night, so my maturity meter may be broken. But I can't stop giggling under my breath about these questionable silly straws a Kentucky mother bought at Walmart. Andrea Bailey thought she was buying a package of colorful, twisted straws for her three-year-old, but when she got home she realized she'd gotten so much more.

The straws in question appear to be molded into the shape of a male sex organ, though they also could simply be a rocket ship. No matter, Andrea Bailey first called Walmart to complain and when she didn't like their response, she called the media. What resulted is a news piece that I don't think was intended to be funny...but it is. Even the newscasters seem to be a little embarrassed about the fact they're covering this story.

In the comments section of that news piece, a reader points out that there are websites who sell straws like this one, websites who make things for bachelorette parties, for example. So either this is a case of the wrong straw getting into the wrong package, or there's a silly straw designer out there shaking his hands to the sky and yelling, "It's supposed to be a rocket ship!"

What do you think?

Are these straws really that bad?(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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