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When I bought an apple slicer a few years ago, I had no idea how a simple gadget that could core and wedge with one downward motion would change the fruit eating habits of my kids, but it has turned us all into apple connoisseurs. (Our favorites: Honeycrisp and Gala) Biting into an apple is hard on gum tissue and braces, but the apple slicer makes it easy even for a preschooler to fix himself a healthy snack.

I wonder if a banana slicer would be as fantastic an addition to my kitchen gadget drawer. The kids would probably be more likely to top their cereal or oatmeal with banana slices and might even be inspired to fix their own little fruit salads for a snack.

Current has a cute banana shaped plastic slicer available for only $3. I'm tempted, but I'm not sure I can sacrifice the kitchen drawer real estate for a task that can already be accomplished by a kid using a butter knife. What I really need is a bigger kitchen!

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