Parking permits for pregnancy?

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A California lawmaker has put forth a proposal to make life easier for pregnant women and new moms: a temporary permit for prime parking spots.

"It only seems reasonable," said Republican State Assemblyman Chuck Devore, who is spearheading the proposal. "New mothers just getting use to how to juggle baby carriages get everything together."

The permits would be temporary, lasting through the third trimester of pregnancy and the first couple of months with baby in tow.

Poor Chuck is getting some criticism, though, from folks who don't want pregnancy considered a "disability." The California chapter of the National Organization for Women and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists both disagree with the idea. Pregnant women who have legitimate health concerns already qualify for handicapped placards. They see no reason to extend the privileges to all.

I appreciate the lawmaker's good intentions, but I'm inclined to agree with the idea that these permits are unnecessary. While my walk turned to a slow waddle with both pregnancies, it didn't keep me from getting from the car to the door. Distance doesn't really matter juggling a newborn, either. It's more a matter of having lots of stuff to manage and only two hands. A closer parking spot isn't going to help you get the stroller set up or the kid into a cart.

We do have to give this lawmaker credit, though: he's thinking about issues relevant to parents and children. Hey Mr. Assemblyman, how about we talk soon about parental leave policies, affordable childcare, and improved public education?


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