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We are almost all packed and ready to go for our trip to New York. The only thing I haven't checked off my list yet is a new book for Ellie. Her bookcase is crammed already, but having a brand new, never-been-read story to lose herself in while we travel will (hopefully) keep her from getting too bored.

Unlike clothes, Ellie does let me pick out books for her and I do a pretty good job choosing things she likes. does a pretty good job of choosing books for kids, too. They've compiled their annual Summer Reading List for Kids and it's a good place to start if you are looking for ideas for books for kids of all ages.

The list is long and is divided in several ways: by age group, by favorite series, required reading for middle school, high school and college and even includes a link to a summer reading list for adults.

I started out in the aged 4-9 category and found something interesting right away: Mars Needs Moms. First of all, I had no idea that Bloom County cartoonist Berkeley Breathed wrote children's books. This one is about Martians, who grow from the ground like potatoes. Since they are motherless, they kidnap all the earth mothers so they will have someone to drive the Martian kids to soccer practice, pack their lunches and kiss their boo-boos. The story follows little Milo, who stows away on the spaceship when his mother is abducted. When his oxygen runs out on Mars, his mother rescues him and he learns to appreciate her like he never did on Earth. The pictures look cool and not too scary, and best of all the author throws in some humor for parents as well.

That's the one I'm getting, but here are some more selections for kids of all ages.

Amazon Summer Reading List for Kids(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Fancy Nancy and the Posh PuppyThe Courage of Sarah NobleSailor Moo: Cow at SeaJoy The Summer Vacation FairyInkspell

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