Baby animals are CUTE (just in time for Easter)

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Ok, so you can call me a sap, but these pictures of baby animals are CUTE. And, know what's even cuter? The fact that MY HUSBAND found all these pics and sent them to me after I went to sleep last night so I would have something to make a gallery with in the wee hours of the morning (which it is now) on Easter Sunday when we were both up because Mr. Pickles said so.

So, just in time for Easter, the holiday as much associated with Jesus as it is with cute little animals, I present to you a collection of adorable baby animals. Remember, it's a holiday, so relax, enjoy yourself today, try not to work too much, and take a look at these cute little pics.

Now, if this were a working day, I'd say test your knowledge on what a baby duck is called, etc. (i.e., "duckling"). But, I don't know off the top of my head, and, as I mentioned, it's a day of rest and relaxation (except for those of us with the baby humans). Speaking of which, note how much my little monkey looks like the orangutan??? Hmm.

Baby animals(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Baby snow monkeyBaby rhinoBaby pandaBaby orangutan:amb


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