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What do you do if you are homeschooling your children (or even, I suppose, if you're not) and want to take a field trip to the natural history museum, but don't want your kids indoctrinated by all that made-up fantasy nonsense they call science? Well, if you happen to live in the Denver area, you're in luck.

Biblically Correct Tours offers guided trips to such dens of pseudo-science as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo. B.C. Tours' motto is "Where we are B.C. and not P.C." -- note that the B.C. means Biblically Correct, not that their ideas stone-aged fantasy -- and their mission is "Communicating Biblical Truth in every area of life through tours of museums, zoos, and historical sites."

Best of all, the tours are extremely affordable -- just $5 per person (with a minimum of 20 people). So, if this is your cup of tea and you're lucky enough to be in the Denver area, check it out. I'm sure this will make going to the zoo a whole new experience.

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