Is a playroom practical?

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We're in the process of looking carefully at the use of space in our house, trying to decide if some rearranging is in order to make life just a little easier for all of us. One of the considerations is to move the computer desk into the guest room, freeing up space in the middle of the house -- adjacent to the living room and the kitchen -- for a playroom. Our two kids currently share a bedroom, and while we try to limit the clutter of plastic crap, it's all we can do these days to contain the toys to their one small room. A playroom would let us move the toys into another central space and leave the bedroom mainly for sleeping. Another vote in favor of the playroom is that the den we'd be converting can be gated off. This isn't critical now, but I'm anticipating it'll be a huge advantage when my now immobile three-month-old turns into a walking whirlwind of a toddler.

However, it's going to take some effort to move the furniture and repurpose the rooms, so I'm looking for opinions. Do you have a dedicated playroom, and if so, does it work as well as you'd like it to? What other ways do you maximize your space?

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