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When a Tüthillo's Lost Tooth Companion arrived in the mail, my immediate reaction was "Wow, is this thing ugly!" The creature was about foot tall, has a misshapen head and was retina-searing neon green color, definitely a creature only his mother could love.

Then my elementary-age sons got home from school and got into a wrestling/screaming match over who would be the lucky owner of the alien-like creature. Apparently the Lost Tooth Companion has a face only his mother AND children ages 8 and under could love. (Eventually a joint custody arrangement was reached.)

In spite of his freakish-to-adults appearance, the Lost Tooth Companion does have some pretty clever features. A small pocket is hidden the gap in his own smile appears that is just the right size for holding a lost tooth. A larger pocket behind his mouth keeps tooth fairy treasure safe until morning. If you have light sleepers, kids nervous about a little winged creature tiptoeing around their heads as they slumber, or problems remembering to summon the Tooth Fairy when she needs to come to your house, the Lost Tooth Companion could be a great solution: just set it in the child's doorway or in front their bedroom door instead of putting the tooth under the pillow. Instant Tooth Fairy signal!

You can find your own at Tüthillo's website where the homely little buggers (along with some clever tooth-related T-shirts) are on sale right now.

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