Bun in the oven? She's had a dozen!

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British woman Carole Horlock takes gestating seriously. She's been pregnant for more than a decade, but not because she's been growing her own family. Instead, Ms. Horlock has served as a surrogate mother to 12 babies, in addition to two teenage daughters of her own.

Her latest pregnancy resulted in healthy triplets -- one boy and two girls -- carried for a Greek couple facing infertility. The babies were conceived by in vitro fertilization and were delivered recently by Cesarean section. They're all healthy.

While her expenses are paid by the couples who hire her as a surrogate, she doesn't receive a paycheck for her uterus' work. Though you think she'd be tempted to charge rent, payments are illegal. Further, this super surrogate says she doesn't do it for the money. "To see the joy on the faces of couples who thought they'd never have children is very special," she said.

She has one more pregnancy planned for an English couple before closing up shop at age 41.

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